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My New Hair

I have had the pleasure of working alongside “my new hair”and the Trevor Sorbie group for the past 15 years, and was trained by Trevor himself when the charity started. 


I help clients who are going through Chemotherapy with all their hair care needs, giving them all the advise on hair loss, wig services, and after care. 


This is very close to my heart, and for that reason I do not charge for this service I provide. 


We can also help you claim back your identity once your treatment has finished. We can care for your hair and nurture it back to health, encouraging new growth with great style and the possibility of colour. 


For all enquiries, questions, information or to book an appointment, either call the salon direct and speak to myself or the HQ team. Alternatively, get in touch below to send an email.

Please see “More Information” where you can gain more information from the my new hair site direct.

Russell Lambard

Salon Director

Lady in Nature